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About Me

John Marshall

Hello, I’m John, but most people call me Jack. What drew me to UX design was the ability of a single experience to alter the course of a life. When human behavior is accounted for throughout every part of an experience, something seemingly trivial can become extraordinary. For me, this realization came to me after a vacation to Walt Disney World, a place that meticulously tailors every aspect of their guests experience. From the sights to the smells, everything about my time at that place reminds me of connecting with my siblings after years of living in different places. It was after this experience that I enrolled in Maryland Institute College’s master program in UX. This is how I think of my role as a designer now, the ability to inspire connections and enjoyment in people's lives.

Before I switched into UX, I spent 4 years as a jewelry designer in Philadelphia where I did my undergraduate in Computer Automated Design. Art school instilled in me creative problem solving and the importance of knowing how your designs come to fruition. I feel the need to never stop learning, and I invest my spare time in computer programming and physcology.

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